Shel Plock
Performing at Eskilstuna konstmuseum (2008). Photo by MJ Wojewodzki.


The "Transformation of Sound" tour was Joel's idea. Fantastic company with all of the musicians, but I remember it being extremely stressful personally. I think it was a matter where at this point I didn't understand exactly how I fit into the world. I was a punk kid who'd been recording songs on a 4-track who was now touring with trained musicians. I remember not wanting to let anyone down.

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Transformation of Sound Tour (2008)

Arriving in Stockholm (2008).
Shelly and Joel Grip at breakfast (2008).
Ready to go (2008).
Dala horse (2008).
In Malmö before a gig at Jeriko (2008).
In Västerås playing at Nya Perspektiv (2008).
Improvised large ensemble at Jeriko (2008).
Niklas (2008).
Lars (2008).
In Hagen with Yann Joussein, Yuko Oshima, Eve Risser,  Lars Enok Åhlund, and Niklas Barno (2008).
Glen Miller Cafe, Stockholm (2008).
Good technique (2008).
Yuko Oshima at Glen Miller Cafe (2008).
Eve Risser (2008).
Joel Grip (2008).
Niklas Barno (2008).
Lars at Glen Miller Cafe (2008).
Shelly and Joel at Glen Miller Cafe (2008).
Shelly waiting to go on in Stockholm (2008).
Playing at the church in Hagen, Dala-Floda (2008).
Lars Enok Åhlund (2008).
Walstedt's Farm, Hagen (2008).
In Hagen, Dala-Floda (2008).
Shelly and MJ in Stockholm (2008).
At the train station (2008).