Shel Plock
Performing at Eskilstuna konstmuseum (2008). Photo by MJ Wojewodzki.


I remember when it came out, reviewers didn't know what to make of Discourse and Correspondence. The front side was all pop melodies played in really sparse settings and the flip side was all free improvisation. People said things like: "This sounds like two different people" and I was like: "Yes, welcome to my world."

This idea of being multiple people, having multiple identities... it sort of de facto became core to who I am. Ever since I was a kid, I've felt like I've led multiple concurrent lives. D&C was an attempt to express that. I should also note that the song "Ray Johnson" was written as an homage to an artist who had profound influence on the way that I think about the world.

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Lawrence Lanahan and Shelly at the 2006 ElBoh Block Party.

Shelly Blake-Plock and Joel Grip performing on Charles Street, Baltimore.

Joel Grip and Shelly Blake-Plock performing at the American Visionary Arts Museum during the 48 Hour Show.

Discourse and Correspondence (2006)

Recorded at Shawn Overbey's house and released on Fall Records (2006).

Greece (2006)

Athens (2006).
MJ and Shelly at Delphi (2006).
Shupe and Shelly at the Theater of Dionysos (2006).