Shel Plock
Performing at Eskilstuna konstmuseum (2008). Photo by MJ Wojewodzki.

1994 - 1995

I don't remember how it all started. I'd written my first song on an acoustic guitar when I was 14 years old. And then I took jazz lessons and totally screwed up my mind. Then I joined a punk band and screwed things up even worse. By the time I came back to working solo, it was partly this compulsion like I just could not let it be that I was only allowed to play music in formal settings and with bandmates and whatnot.

I was very emotional in those days. That comes through and is often unbearable in these early recordings. But I can look back and I understand where that kid was coming from. And I can almost excuse the music and the tone and just appreciate the intent and the drive.

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Early Solo Recordings (1994-1995)

One of Shel's first recordings. Made at the Copycat Building (1994).
Recorded by Will Schaff at the Copycat (1995).