Shel Plock
Performing at Eskilstuna konstmuseum (2008). Photo by MJ Wojewodzki.


I owe an enormous musical debt to Joel Grip. He was the one who pushed me to complete The Violencestring and who acted as musical director for what in hindsight was an insane concept. Our goal was to freely improvise an entire new musical.

The story was about a boy whose step-parents are werewolves. And the majority of lyrics that made up the libretto were my own translations of religious hymns spanning thousands of years and several cultures. Somehow we managed to get the whole thing recorded and Matt guided me through the production process as I'd never taken on something so big.

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US Midwest Tour (2007)

Shelly and Joel in a basement show in Madison, WI (2007).

Hagenfesten (2007)

Playing with Susan Alcorn (2007).

The Violencestring (2007)

Recording synth (2006) during The Violencestring sessions. Players: Shelly Blake-Plock, Niklas Barnö, John Dierker, Emir Sze, Ryan Dorsey, Jenny Graf Sheppard, Joel Grip, Twig Harper, Jessica Riefler, Aaron Henkin, Human Host, Lyle Kissack, Lawrence Lanahan, Carly Ptak, Ben McConnell, Eve Risser, MJ Wojewodzki, Johanna WojewodzkiRecording : December 2006 - January 2007Engineering : Shelly-Blake Plock and Matthew H. Welch